Schematic Design

  • “Big Picture Concepts”
  • Early Site Plans, Floor Plans, and Exterior Elevations
  •  Early Systems Descriptions
  • Program Definition and Area Calculations
  • Coordinate with Surveyor/Civil Engineer
  • Align with Code Requirements

Design Development

  • Value Engineer and
    “Tighten” Program
  • Develop Character and Features, including Exteriors and Interior Features, Material Selections, Refinement of Form and Function
  • Further Detail and Dimension Drawings and Revit Model
  • Develop Plans and Basis of Design for Major Equipment and Systems
  • First Draft of Full Specifications


Construction Documents

  • “Nuts and Bolts” Level of Detail on Assemblies and Systems 
  • Finalize Technical Construction Plans and Sections
  • Finalize Wall and Roof Types and Finish Plans
  • Finalize Enlarged Plans of Specialized Areas
  • Finalize Detailed Specification of all Materials, Systems, Equipment and Products
  • Prepare Project Manual in Masterformat® Divisions of Work
  • Finalize Drawings and Revit Model